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Derek DeGrate

Derek DeGrate

Derek DeGrate delivers smooth vocals and complex harmonies in his form of inspirational music. His achievements include writing and producing a numerous amount of songs, which he also gained the success of 3 top 20 national songs within the inspirational market.  Derek DeGrate is a multi-instrumentalist as well (with Bass Guitar being his main instrument) His work has been featured on major movie soundtracks and multi-platinum albums

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Shanna Wylie

Shanna Wylie is no stranger to the music industry. In her earlier years; she was signed to Whitney Houston's record company and management company. Being discovered by Whitney Houston, Shanna Wylie was also able to land a feature spot on the multi-platinum movie soundtrack; "waiting to exhale". Shanna wylie is currently focusing on her new career in inspirational music!

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Sunflower South

Sunflower South is a female trio with a seasoned sound of sweet inspirational soul! Their music style blends elements of  soulful and acoustic based genres.

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