About Us- Duffstuff Records; The major label for inspirational music.

Our history, achievements and accolades

Duffstuff Records' executives have been working in the music industry for nearly 26 years. The contributions of the team includes songwriting, music production and performances for such companies as MCA records, Motown Records (Los Angeles), Word Records (Nashville,TN.), Centergy music group, Best of Zion music publishing, Atlantic Records, INSP (television network). Achievements of our songwriting team includes 3 national charted top 20 inspirational songs and  compositions for major movie soundtracks.

Our format

Our artists and acts consist of inspirational solo acts and groups (including trios and  duos). Our artists deliver sweet, smooth and energetic sounds; seasoned with urban flavor

Our mission and goal

Duffstuff Records is building an entire inspirational music industry and network. Our project will present new ways to deliver great positive music and the message of JESUS CHRIST  to the world! The record company feels so good to present fantastic music artists!